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1. Charlie Chaplin

No one that was born in the last century would not know Charlie Chaplin. A champion when it came to silent comedy, Chaplin during his entire career wore a black bow tie. The bow tie became a symbol that was used to be associated with him for years.

Charlie Chaplin

2. Manolo Blahnik

Regarded as one of the best Spanish designers to have ever embraced the fashion stage, Manolo was always seen with a stylish and new bow tie. He used to spend hundreds of dollars on his hard earned shoe brand and spend on purchasing fashionable and silk bow ties.

Manolo Blahnik

3. Paul Reubens

Well-known for his role as Pee-wee Herman, the fictional comic character, Paul had an entire wardrobe of red bow ties. As the character was shown to be wearing a red bow tie and gray suit, Paul soon got addicted to it. Even the public couldn't disassociate Paul from the character.

Paul Reubens

4. Gore Vidal

the former politician and writer, who was well-known for his witty answers and spontaneous comments was one of the most elegant bow tie wearers. He was very particular about his style and his various color bow-tie along with his suits made him a fan's favorite. His bow tie style was unique and classy.

Gore Vidal

5. Winston Churchill

One of the fiercest Prime Ministers of Britain, Churchill was a proud Englishman who proudly wore a bow tie. His famous polka dots bow tie made rounds around the country. Never a dull moment with him around, Churchill's appearance was even more appealing and earned him praise from the entire world of politics.

Winston Churchill

6. Fred Astaire

The famous dancer was one of the few men that looked sleek in appearance all the time. His style was complemented with different color bow ties on and off the stage. For years Fred used his bow tie to make a statement.

Fred Astaire

7. Alfred Kinsey

You will hardly ever see a picture of Kinsey without a bow tie. Considered as the king of sexology, Kinsey made a name for himself with his widely read Kinsey reports. He was always dressed brilliantly in a tight suit with an impressive bow tie. 

Alfred Kinsey

8. Aleister Crowley

Considered as one of the wickedest men on the planet, Crowley looked like a villain from a horror movie. Though he made a name for himself for things other than fashion, his bow tie was never short of sparking. Always found it, he gave a new meaning to bow ties.

Aleister Crowley

9. Marlene Dietrich

Had an art of rediscovering herself again and again with new and more charismatic characters, Marlene was an American-German singer and actress. One her characters wore a graceful bow tie which said she wore for only 'the image' and not for anyone else.

Marlene Dietrich

10. Stan Laurel

Appeared in 107 short films as Laurel and Hardy, Stan was well-known for his comedy, his acting, and his bow tie. Wearing the famous polka dot bow tie, the man always looked top notch in it. His style became the pride of black and white TV and Stan lived up to it with his appearance.

Stan Laurel


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