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In a world where men keep it simple and low key, some accessories are meant to have a comeback. The classic bow tie has been around for decades but has only been worn during certain occasions. The latest twist on the classic accessory are wooden bow ties, go ahead and make a statement with a versatile piece to amp up your ensemble. These unique wood bow ties can draw attention to your outfit from day to evening occasions.

With menswear fashion being a little more daring as of late, men have been rocking the wooden bow tie at concerts and even on lunch dates. While some ties are easier to coordinate with your outfit, others might appear odd to pair with your look. Besides a formal event, a wooden bow tie can be dressed down for a casual outing and as a conversation starter. We've listed a few examples to help you stand out and look sharp with some our favorite wood bow tie pieces.

1. Color at the Cafe

Heading out for a casual lunch date and want to make a statement? The classic wooden tie with a little pop of color can add some flair to your outfit especially on a first date. The Colorful Wooden Bow Tie can be paired with any plain button down shirt and khakis to compliment the simplicity of the tie. Pair it with some suspenders for a even trendier outfit. The pop of pattern in the center is ideal for a minimalistic outfit especially if you're going out for coffee and want to add a unique touch to an otherwise plain attire.

Wooden Bow Tie

2. Neutral with a Twist

Keep it simple and sophisticated with a Brown Striped Wooden Bow Tie. For any casual occasion where you need to look a little more polished, go for a neutral toned wooden bow tie with a few stripes to compliment your outfit. A simple outfit with subtle tones, the basic design will keep your outfit playful yet subtle. With any wood bow tie, the styles shouldn't clash with your shirt and pants. A slim cut suit or a casual shirt and dress pants can complement the checkered material and make any color stand out against the deep brown shade of wood.

Wooden Bow Tie Gift Box

3. Hipster and the Hollow

Turn up the volume on your outfit with a one-of-a-kind hollow wooden bow tie, have you heard of anything more unique when it comes to accessorizing? While any hipster loves a classic bow tie, the perfect conversation starter is the Dark Hollow Wooden Bow Tie. For any formal occasion to match your suspenders, this style is gives an update on the traditional tie with the carved outline and plaid center band. The design is completely out of the ordinary and can possible border on eccentric when worn appropriately. The laser carved wood bow tie is one for the adventurous and daring trendsetter.

Dark Wooden Bow Tie

4. Sharp and Slim

If you're new to the world of wooden bow ties, the Elegant Slim Wooden Bow Tie gives the right amount of style with a hint of color. If you're all about looking presentable, this wooden bow tie ensemble is subtle without looking over the top. This slim design with black and white plaid stripes can seamlessly flatter a plain dress shirt with jeans for a casual outfit. The muted, neutral wood bow tie design is far from making your outfit look over the top as some styles tend to do so.

Elegant Wooden Bow Tie

5. The Diamond Point

With any slim cut suit, there's nothing more striking than a unique diamond-tipped wooden bow tie. If you want to be a trendsetter, the impeccable design of the Smoky Diamond Tipped Wood Bow Tie is the perfect accessory. For a formal occasion be it an office dinner or a black-tie event, the bold plaid band gives an extra pop of a style paired with the sharp diamond bow tip to compliment any formal ensemble. This style is not for the faint of heart, the black hue and diamond design is classy with an edge. The unique shape and cut will be the focal point of your outfit with the sharp design.   

 Diamond Wooden Bow Tie

There you have it, from a dapper date outfit to a elegant formal look these wooden bow ties styles will keep your outfits on-trend. With plenty of wood bow ties to choose from at Bow-SelecTie, these top styles will play up any look whether it's a casual or formal occasion. Pair up any slim suit or just keep it simple with a button down and khakis, these wooden bow ties can seamlessly accessorize any look without going over the top.


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