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wooden bow tie

If you're looking for a piece that's quirky, fun, and infinitely stylish to wear to your graduation then you need look no further than a fabulous wooden bow tie. With their natural wood grain and attention grabbing style, wooden bow ties are the perfect choice for the guy that wants to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons on such an important day. There are many wonderful ways to wear a wooden bow tie, depending on your personal style and how creative you want to be. Here are five great ways to style your wooden bow tie for your graduation: 

1. Wear Your Wooden Bow Tie with a Crisp White Button-Up

A well fitted button up shirt with a stiff collar is essential for styling your wooden bow tie if you want to look sharp for a formal event such as graduation. The key to choosing a well-fitting shirt is to ensure the shoulder seam sits exactly on your shoulder, and that you can fit two fingers between your collar and your neck: This should ensure that the rest of the shirt will fit properly and flatter your body shape. A white shirt is a fantastic option for teaming with a wooden bow tie as it acts as a blank canvas to showcase the natural grain and colors of the wood in your tie.

2. Wear Your Wooden Bow Tie with a Sweater Vest

The preppy look is one that never goes out of fashion, and it is certainly having a style revival right now. Embrace this preppy collegiate look by teaming your wooden bow tie with a sweater vest in a luxury fabric such a merino wool or cashmere. The contrast between these soft luxury fabrics and the hard warmth of the wooden bow tie will create texture in your outfit. You could opt for a V neck sweater vest to really show off your bow tie, or have it peaking over a round neck sweater vest for a look that is more subtle and understated: this is a piece that is so versatile!

3. Wear Your Wooden Bow Tie with a Denim Shirt

For the man that enjoys a more casual sense of style, why not team a wooden bowtie with your favorite denim shirt? This is a great way to elevate a wardrobe staple, and still get to wear your favorite piece to graduation. By teaming wood with denim, you will give your outfit a real vintage and rustic feel that is very on trend right now. Team the shirt and wooden bow tie combination with dark pants to ensure that the overall look is formal enough for the occasion.

4. Wear Your Wooden Bow Tie with Suspenders

If you pride yourself on being fashion forward and always standing out from the crowd then why not make a real style statement by pairing your wooden bow tie with a pair of suspenders? Skinny suspenders in a dark block color or with subtle stripes (such as in navy blue and white or burgundy and beige) look best with this look. Team with a shirt that is tightly tucked into your pants and add your wooden bow tie with a flourish! This is one of the most fashion forward suggestions on this list, but why not be a little daring with your style and give this look a go? It’s sure to attract attention from the rest of your graduating class, and for all the right reasons!

5. Wear Your Wooden Bow Tie with a Pop of Color

People often shy away from color when choosing an outfit for their graduation, as they want a look that is simple and classic: something which won’t show signs of age in their photographs. However this is a real shame, as it stops you from injecting your own style and sense of personality into such a special and important day. Why not stick to simple and classic shapes (such as a fitted button down) but inject your personality by using colour: you could also opt for a wooden bow tie that has been stained or painted to really highlight its grain. Why not opt for your school colors for a look that will be a real crowd pleaser

The wooden bow tie is the perfect way to make your outfit stand out on your day in the spot light. This modern twist on the classic accessory is perfect for the man that wants to create an outfit that has universal appeal but will still set him apart from his peers. Your graduation day is a special and important day that you will never forget: why not choose to wear a wooden bow tie to ensure that your outfit looks and feels as good as you do!

wooden bow tie


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