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Red Feather Bow Tie

Being one of the classiest fashion accessory for men, who would've imagined a style upgrade would be making its way at the altar? The bow tie can be traced back to decades with its graceful and symbolic style, men have adorned it in movies and formal occasions across the globe. A bow tie can instantly compliment an entire suit or tux for a sophisticated attire. So how did the bow tie make an upgrade? Feather bow ties have taken style savvy men to another level, these beautifully customizable creations have recently taken over weddings and special occasions. From the ring bearer to groomsmen, this distinct style is a modern choice when it comes to the groom's outfit.

These matchless feather bow tie designs are hand-selected for it's own distinct shade to create an eye-catching design. The style fits impeccably without looking too outlandish. With plenty of color options to choose from, we've selected our top 7 feather bow ties to wear this wedding season and special occasions

1. Bold Pop of Color

If you're looking for a unique pop of color to your wedding day suit or tux, the feather green peacock bow tie is precisely what your big day need. The peacock feather adds a mystical bold statement to your wedding attire with the blue and green mixed hue. This piece can be dressed up or down, not just for your big day. The hand-picked feathers are each unique and varies in shade and peacock style.

Peacock Feather Bow Tie

2. It's in the Polka Dots

For a touch of blue added to your wedding suit, the blue polka dot feather bow tie is an intricate design with shades of navy and light blue layered to resemble flower petals. The hint of blue can compliment any attire if you're looking to step out of your comfort zone. The overall black base with white polka dots allows a contrast that pairs well with a dark toned wedding suit.

Polka Dot Feather Bow Tie

3. Go a Little Wild

If you have a fondness for quails, turkeys or partridges, go for a wild feather bow tie. With shades of beige, black and hints of copper, this subtle and subdued feather bow tie displays an intricate design pattern. The edges adds a varying black and white composition with the beige center piece. This is the ideal feather bow tie to dip your toes into ties, even if it's on your wedding day.

Wild Feather Bow Tie

4. If You're Feeling Blue

In a true blue feather bow tie fashion, this unique and stunning shade of blue adds the perfect color tone to your wedding day attire. The navy blue shade adds a subdued flair to your outfit for your big day. If you're bride-to-be is looking for something blue, this blue bird feather tie is subtle yet vibrant enough to bring your look together on your special day.

Blue Feather Bow Tie

5. Relentless in Red

Who would've thought wearing red on your big day would look presentable? This vivid red feather bow tie with hints of black spots is classy and sophisticated to wear on your wedding day. While red is not your average color choice, the warm shade of red is subtle enough to pair with your tux. This is the perfect feather tie for the out of the ordinary look for your ensemble.

Red Feather Bow Tie

6. Funky Pheasant

For a sharp look on your special day, this owl-like pheasant feather bow tie is classy and distinct enough to make a lasting impression. The varying shades of brown with little detailing around the center band is an eye-pleaser for a classic groom look. This feather bow tie can be paired with practically any monochromatic suit from a simple black to a beige.

Pheasant Feather Bow Tie

7. Wings of a Butterfly

Last but certainly not least, the Reeve's Pheasant feather bow tie might be the one your bride would be gushing over. The fluttery design adds shades of white, black and brown to the bow tie to resemble wings of a monarch butterfly. The multicolored hues are simple yet unique enough to create an individual pattern to match with your suit. 

Reeve's Pheasant Feather Bow Tie

While we love wooden and classic bow ties, feather bow ties are distinct in its own natural beautiful way. Each feather is hand-picked with its own unique pattern, shade and style to create a one of a kind bow tie. What better way to wear a unique fashion accessory then on your wedding day and special occasions. Each feather bow tie style fits impeccably for a wedding event, even if you're not a groom. Whether you're a ring bearer or a groomsman, these statement pieces can get as creative or as muted as you want them to be. Find the perfect feather bow tie to fit your suit or tuxedo, we are sure you'll find the perfect one at Bow-SelecTie for high-quality ties.


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