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Wooden bow ties are rapidly becoming a trendy fashion statement for casual dressers all over the world. The list of immaculate wooden bow tie wearers even extends to some of the A-list celebrities who know how to keep things fresh. These five celebrities have matched exquisite wooden bow ties with their outfits to create confident and stylishly dapper looks.

From effortless casual outfits to sharp formal dressing, the wooden bow tie has given every outfit just the right amount of class and sophistication while keeping it uniquely fresh. Here are five celebrities rocking the wooden bow tie.

1. Mike Conley – NBA Player for the Memphis Grizzles

Mike Conley Wooden Bow Tie

There is only one thing that is just as good as Mike Conley’s game; his sense of fashion. The Memphis Grizzles player stepped out in a suave outfit after his team’s fourth game of the NBA playoffs. He turned heads in the fashion world with his classic ensemble that featured a dapper waistcoat, checked pants, tan shoes and a stylish wooden bowtie.

The walnut bow tie featured striking dark stripes running diagonally on the wings and a bright blue cotton band in the center that gave the look an incredible finish. The dark blue shirt he wore it on did the wooden bow tie justice as it created a nice backdrop for the wood to pop.

2. Ray Dalton – Singer

Ray Dalton Wooden Bow Tie

At the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, Ray Dalton gave a great performance alongside Macklemore in a simple but classy black ensemble. The outfit was given a bit of color and uniqueness with the addition of a funky wooden bow tie worn on his black button-down shirt.

The wooden bow tie featured a rich brown hue with darker strips of brown running across the wings in a stylish zigzag pattern. In the middle, a solid grey cotton band helps to compose the look of the bow tie and also gave it a bit of color. It was an adventurously formal look that could just as easily double up as casual.

3. Andre Wilson – Style Icon

Andre Wilson Wooden Bow Tie

Andre Wilson is no stranger to looking good. The style icon is known for his elegant representation of the modern day gentleman with his stylish beret hats, well-fitted suits and funky bow ties.

He does not disappoint when it comes to this superb wooden bow tie. Pairing it with a cream suit and beret hat, the style icon looks incredibly finessed with the warm brown color of the wooden bow tie popping against the white shirt worn underneath. The bow tie features a classic butterfly design with a bit of dark shades of brown on the edges. The center band is a solid grey fabric that combines well with the natural color of the wood. Like Mike Conley, Andre Wilson also matched his wooden bow tie with the color of his tan shoes.

4. Lance Fresh – NBA Style Correspondent

Lance Fresh Wooden Bow Tie

Lance Fresh knows how to keep his look unique. The NBA style correspondent knows how to look good in a classy crossover of casual and formal outfits. He is not new to bow ties as he has been spotted time and again pairing them with wildly patterned button-down shirts.

The NBA correspondent looked exceptionally dashing in a wooden bow tie with a funky polka dot pattern. The chestnut cross-grained appearance of the wooden bow tie was made livelier with large dark-brown polka dots on the wings. A simple grey center band rounded off the suave casual look of the wooden bow tie. To enhance the casual appeal but maintain formal appearance, he also wore print-material button-down shirt underneath.

5. Steve Huison – British Actor

Steve Huison Wooden Bow Tie

This A-list actor is well known for a number of roles including that of Squinty McGinty in the movie The Full Monty. His sense of fashion bears the class associated with British ways of dressing but he incorporates a bit of uniqueness with the addition of stylish accessories such as the wooden bow tie.

The actor blends a finely crafted wooden bow tie wonderfully with his maroon jacket and plaid beret hat. The bow tie features bold grooves on simple wooden bow tie design that gives it a cloth-like appearance. It features no center band as the wood is carved expertly to resemble every curve of a regular cloth bowtie. The look can be described as stylishly casual.

If they can look this good wearing wooden bow ties, so can you! These celebrities show just how elegant, fun and unique a wooden bow tie can make your outfit look. It is a trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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